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TSC was established in 1984, as a spin-off from University College London, by a team of Professors and Lecturers who were recognised leaders in the fields of NDT, robotics and fracture mechanics.

ACFM® was developed with support from BP, BG, Conoco and Shell, who were keen to dramatically improve the reliability of underwater inspection, reduce the reliance on the operator and provide auditable inspection records.

After five years of intense research and development, ACFM® technology was born and has become widely recognised and accepted as one of the most reliable methods of detecting surface-breaking cracks in steel structures and metallic components.

Today, we offer our customers a wide range of support in the execution of inspection programs around the world, including:

Due to the widely recognised reliability and accuracy of ACFM® technology, customers often specify its use in situations where the consequences of failure of a structure or component are significant in terms of risk to life, the environment or capital investment.

As a result, our services and products are routinely used in high-integrity industries such as Oil & Gas, Defence, Nuclear, Transport and Mining.

We continue to design, develop, manufacture and operate our technology, so we employ a range of highly qualified, skilled engineers and technicians, most of whom are educated to university degree level, typically to BSc, MSc and PhD level in a technical subject. We also train our staff in the use of ACFM® technology to Level 3.