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ACPD from TSC is a technique used primarily for accurate depth sizing and monitoring of surface breaking defects in metals.

ACPD – Alternating Current Potential Difference is particularly suited to crack monitoring during structural testing and thus widely used by universities and research laboratories. TSC have worked with a wide range of clients in a variety of environments, always providing the best results with our innovative technologies.

Crack monitoring is often carried out in laboratory testing (e.g. fatigue testing, crack initiation testing, material toughness tests), but can also be on-site using permanently installed probes at critical regions. Throughout a variety of sectors, ACPD has been proven to be a highly effective technology.

The ACPD technique allows accurate monitoring of known cracks, to advise on and predict possible failures of similar components and structures, thus mitigating the risk for costly incidents in the future. The information can then be used to carry out timely or routine repairs prior to a failure.