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The AMIGO from TSC is an ideal instrument to detect, locate and size surface breaking cracks in metals. The AMIGO exceeds clients’ requests for an ACFM product that is portable, rugged (rated to IP54) and an instrument that is an ideal tool for site inspections. These great qualities make the AMIGO a popular choice with a wide range of clients.

Specifically designed to function in a variety of environments, the AMIGO has easy-access cabling and large unobstructed buttons which allow the operator to concentrate on the job of inspection without being distracted by the operation of the instrument. Easy to operate, the AMIGO can help to streamline the way you work and effectively improve the inspection process.

The complete AMIGO system utilises our cleverly designed ASSIST software that offers ACFM data collection, defect sizing, offline viewing and data archiving. This makes AMIGO from TSC a comprehensive solution for the detection, location and sizing of surface breaking cracks.