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As global transport costs have risen, rail industry passenger and freight volumes continue to rise. This in turn is placing increasing demands on rail infrastructure and systems. TSC lead the way in providing accredited inspection solutions to the sector.

In an industry where public-safety is paramount, legal liabilities high and regulatory penalties costly, it is crucial to maintain all safety-critical aspects of rail infrastructure. This is what our technology can help with.

We provide high-quality systems, utilising our patented ACFM technology to provide inspection solutions for rails, rolling stock and more.

Our systems uniquely reduce many delays associated with other inspection techniques by avoiding having to remove and re-apply coatings and by classifying the severity of defects. They can help to reduce inspection time, costs and the frequency of unnecessary replacements, whilst also reducing the likelihood of passenger disruption and costly penalties from the rail regulatory bodies. When you are looking for a way to save time and streamline the way you work, TSC can help.