TSC is now part of Eddyfi Technologies

We introduced Inspection Services at the request of customers, primarily because they sometimes encounter difficult challenges in undertaking their inspection work program. Such situations often require advanced engineering understanding, custom design, manufacturing and mock-up testing up-front, to ensure a successful work program can be undertaken at site. Typical challenges faced by our customers include:

  • Complex geometries, where standard probes and alternative NDT techniques just won’t work
  • Deep waters where divers can’t be used to access the work face
  • Restricted locations where human access is impossible
  • Hazardous situations where there may be a danger to life
  • Requirement to inspect through thick protective coatings

Our Inspection Services offering typically includes:

  • Bespoke Inspection Probes>
  • Remote Access>
  • Mock-up testing>
  • Technicians>
  • Level 3 Support>
  • Partners>

To-date, we have undertaken several ground-breaking Inspection Services projects in many of the world’s offshore oil & gas provinces, including; Norway, UK, Denmark, West Africa, China and South East Asia.

Bespoke Inspection Probes

Although we have a wide variety of standard probes and instruments available for a range of applications, our customers often encounter challenging inspection needs that involve complex geometries, or situations that call for a bespoke solution. One of the key differentiators in our service offering is that we are able to design, develop and manufacture our entire range of ACFM® equipment in-house, by applying in-depth product knowledge and flexibility to meet demand. Some examples of bespoke inspection probes include:

  • High temperature probes, capable of operating at 500°C
  • High-lift-off probes, capable of inspecting through 25mm of coating
  • Weld monitoring probes that can be permanently fixed to an underwater structure to monitor a hot spot

Remote Access

In situations where human access to the work site is impossible, we are experienced in developing methods that can be used to effect a successful inspection programme. These methods typically include:

  • Working with ROV operators to develop and tailor equipment and procedures so that inspection can be done without divers
  • Adaptation, or design and manufacture, of underwater scanners and crawlers that can deploy ACFM® probes to the work face

Mock-up testing

Over the years, we have accumulated a wide variety of steel structures and components that have been used for mock-up testing. This allows us to conduct performance testing or factory acceptance testing, under simulated conditions prior to arrival on site.

These typically include; simple steel plates and threaded components, through to complex welded tubular joints weighing 2-3 tonnes. Both real and artificial defects have been introduced in certain locations, so that we can test the effectiveness and accuracy of new instruments, probes and deployment systems. We can develop proof testing mock-ups for most situations that are likely to arise at the work face, including underwater.


We employ and train our own technicians, so that we can be sure of providing our customers with the depth of knowledge that is required in challenging situations. Many of our technicians are degree-qualified in an engineering discipline, before they are trained and certified in the use of our technology.

Since we are the developers and sole suppliers of ACFM® technology, the training we deliver offers a unique understanding of our technology and interpretation of inspection results. This exceeds industry standards for routine inspection.

We are often involved in highly specialised and sensitive inspection work, so we also offer service back-up from degree-qualified engineering experts in the office, who are also qualified in the use of ACFM®.

Level 3 Support

Our CSWIP Level 3 Support service provides customers with project management advice, specialised ACFM® procedure development and detailed inspection planning. We also offer data review services in cases where customers would like a second opinion. This service can be provided by fully qualified personnel based in our offices, or at site.


We recognise that our customers sometimes need an integrated Inspection Service that may require capabilities that lie outside our core business strengths. In those situations, we chose to work together with business partners who are, in our view, the best at what they do. Skills and capabilities they can bring to bear include: